An ISO 1 Clean Room may have no particles at all of a size above 0.5 microns, and only 12 particles per cubic meter or smaller than that.

Cole-Parmer supply all the necessary specialized cleaning agents, mops and brushes you need.

Airflow, filtration, air pressure, humidity and temperature are generally also controlled.

The entrances and exits are where the highest precautions are normally taken, with a 'gray room' where clothing is changed before entering a vacuum chamber, air lock, or air shower, where even the sterile clothing is decontaminated before entrance into the clean room itself.

Cole-Parmer provide extremely useful layered adhesive-coated mats that capture dirt and dust so you don't track it into the clean room.

When the top layer is dirty, you peel that layer off to expose a fresh surface underneath.

As you can see, there is a whole industry devoted to the production of conditions for sterility and decontamination, ranging from architecture, building and engineering, to protective clothing Modular Clean Room manufacture, as well as machinery, apparatus, tools and equipment.