The above are potion of Battery Chainsaw main safety tips on using hand tools and power tools.

If you keep them in mind all the time, it surely will protect you from being hurt by these tools.

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Winter is the perfect time to pull out the seed catalogs and design your vegetable garden.

While most of us use the old paper-and-pencil method, there are some online garden design programs that can make the process easier. One of the latest is geared towards vegetable gardeners.

To keep your lawn mower, edger and tiller in top condition, a full tune-up should be performed once every year. Proper care will extend the life of the machine and improve the stability of the engine.

Also, a well-maintained machine will reduce emissions and reduce fuel consumption.

A proper tune-up includes cleaning the body of the machine, changing the oil, spark plugs and air filters Battery Lawn Mower , lubricating the machine and sharpening the blades.