In general, suspended Clean Room Project ceilings consist of a grid of metal passages in the shape of an inverted "T", which eventually hangs on wires coming from the top structure (in most cases the original ceiling).

These ceilings are very easy to install and are spaced in a structural pattern.

Each different cell fills a lightweight ceiling with sound-absorbing tiles and falls into the grid, giving it a name for the falling ceiling.

The use of suspended ceiling function, according to their preferences to install the power grid.

You can install lighting in either a square or a tube shape in each grid.

You can pass a series of fans and air diffusers through the entire office air circulation without losing heat, just as you do not have these ceilings.

You can also place a fire sprinkler anywhere. The idea that you can completely customize the suspended ceiling is a major benefit, because you just cut the mesh you want.

In addition, ceiling Clean Room Panels ceilings are widely accepted as they are a powerful tool when it comes to sound prevention.