Magnesium alloy sheeting made roof Clean Room Factory panels, hoods, oil pans and other outer elements of the common car lighter, stronger, and more resistant to impact.

Expense was a concern for the die casting process, but the sheeting is less expensive because it requires less compression force to create, allows for parts consolidation and simpler designs.

In addition, magnesium alloys have a shrinkage rate that is very predictable and less energy is required to make the sheets.

The alloy is thus a step above steel, without a sacrifice in safety. One of the common misconceptions is that cars made from magnesium alloy as opposed to steel are less safe.

You now know that the opposite is true. Magnesium alloys may just replace steel completely in the future.

Magnesium Sheeting in Aerospace Engineering

Disorders of the kidneys or poor digestion can also lead to magnesium deficiency. Stress causes the body to dump magnesium out through the urine.

Therefore even if you are eating an ideal diet, you may Clean Room still be deficient in magnesium.