Before anything Modular Clean Room is taken into space it is thoroughly cleaned in a clean room, and must leave the Earth with only minimal amounts of bacteria.

Today's concerns center around the harmful effects of introducing foreign bacteria but also that it may lead to false positives when searching for life outside of Earth.

Unfortunately some bacteria could be on the exterior of the space craft and then be brought to another planet.

This same bacteria could then show up as "life" found on another planet, when it fact it simply originated from Earth.

Extra precautions must be exercised before sending anything into space.

rooms play an important role in keeping Earth's bacteria from other planets, and help with the search for finding life outside of Earth.

When there is a need to have a place that is free of contamination, the use of clean room flooring is paramount.

What it does is to make sure that contamination is not trodden through the entire place to affect other units within the same vicinity.

The most popular and well known Clean Room Equipment product is Dycem which actively cleans shoes or wheels no matter what their size.