Because sticky Clean Room mats are situated in prominent places this also means that no time is spent cleaning and you won't have people forgetting that they need to use them - as soon as they stand on the sticky mats as they enter the room they will do their job and this will then enable them to carry on working without pausing at all.

At the same time though these sticky mats will also collect lots of dirt and particles in the air simply by remaining on the floor.

The reason for this is that they particles and dust will settle over time - and of course any of the particles and dust that settle on the sticky mats won't be becoming unsettled again anytime soon.

These particles which might include dead skin cells, tiny bugs, specks of dust and even bacteria, will be trapped in position where they can't interfere with what you are doing.

Cleanroom system use two principles in airflow; namely use of HEPA or ULPA filters that take into account laminar / turbulent air flow principles.

The laminar airflow system employs airflow systems that allow air to flow directly downwards while being filtered to remove contaminants that may be contained in it.

Almost 80% of cleanroom ceilings employ laminar principle in filtering system.

In turbulent principle, some aspects of Mgo Panel laminar are employed but to greater extent airflow hoods and non-specific velocity filters are used in order to keep a constant motion of air in cleanroom.